The Hair Factory 5*5 Closure Wig High Density

This wig is comfortable and super-soft that will make you feel happy all day long. One of the most noticeable features of the wig is how light and comfortable it is. Also, the fringe measures 5*5 and can be clipped as per your convenience. 

To ensure that this wig looks completely natural when put it on. Additionally, you can personalize it according to your style and personality. 

Why buy The Hair Factory High-Density Closure Wig?

This lacy wig offers you a cap that is comfortable and soft to touch.  It is a see-through product that is very hard to detect. The product is hand-tied which allows each strand of hair to move freely and look more natural. This is a uniquely designed product that has a natural hairline that creates that undetectable finish. You style it your way to give that additional personal touch to enhance your personality.