What's good

about InstaGloo Bundle?

Bringing for you the freshest
3-Part System
It is a revolutionary 3-part system that gives your lace wigs and frontals a natural and seamless finish.
No need to Reapply
Many Adhesives Never Fully Stick, Forcing you to Constantly Reapply it. But that's not the case here!
Water Proof
The Water proof wig Glue so Good you'll Forget It's there. Very Realistic!
Lasts 4 Weeks
Our InstaGloo 3-step System is completely waterproof, Invisible and lasts 4 weeks!

Why Choose Us??

No like other glues which needs to apply and Re-apply..

Ultimate Skin and Scalp Protector

InstaGloo Protector is the ultimate skin and scalp protection. This product creates the perfect base for InstaGloo adhesive blocking sweat, moisture, and your skin's natural oils. InstaGloo Protector should be applied before the application of any adhesive
This product is lab tested and is skin safe for those with normal skin however, you should always do a 24 hours patch test for sensitivity before use.

More Benefits On the Way..

  • The Instagloo is a water-based non-toxic lace adhesive that lasts for up to 6 weeks when using the 3 part system and proper application. 

  • Wear this odorless, humidity-resistant, and waterproof glue to aid your active lifestyle or have oily skin.

  • The adhesive works in any climate and dries to an undetectable invisible finish providing a natural finish to lace units and keeping the client's hairline intact.

Finally the Best step of this Part

The third part of the InstaGloo system is the InstaGloo Removal.

This alcohol-free solvent was created to remove adhesives and tape without damaging the hair, skin, or scalp.

The InstaGloo Removal is the recommended product to remove all InstaGloo products.

Note: The remover should not be used near the mouth or the eye area. If this product enters the eye area, please flush immediately with water.

This product should not be used other than specified on this page. Please consult a certified professional for proper removal techniques and procedures.

A revolutionary 3 part system

A mind blowing Revolution that gives your lace wigs and frontals a natural and seamless finish.
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