The Hair Factory Full Lace Medium Cap Wig

This professionally designed full lace medium cap wig is the best for you. The cuticles are hand-tied to make sure they keep intact for years to come. They tied in the same direction to give you that natural look and prevent tangling. Our products at The Hair Factory are designed with utmost care and attention, so they last longer. You will be satisfied with our Full Lace Luxury series. Add this wig to your daily look and carry that look you have always looked for. 

 Why buy the Hair factory Full Lace Medium Cap Wig?

The Full Lace Medium Cap wig allows you to keep your head cooler when compared to a solid wig. This is because every cuticle or hair strand is hand-tied in such a way that maintains the airflow between the head and scalp. It comes with all required straps at the nape of the neck to secure the wig in place.