The Hair Factory Curl Cream

Bring the bounce back with the best curl cream from the house of The Hair Factory. This cream is a sulfate-free formula that gently works on all the curl types. The ingredients of the formula provide you with the extra shield against the damage and breakage for long-lasting, gorgeous curls as well as the waves. When used daily, Curl Cream provides you with less breakage and split ends. 

It also helps to reduce frizz and define your curls with a long-standing hold. With The Hair Factory’s Curl Cream, a little goes a long way and makes your beautiful curls pop!!


  • Argan Oil: It transforms your unruly hair into healthy and nourished curls.
  • Moroccan Oil: It is defined and accentuates your curls to minimize the frizz.

Both of these ingredients deeply moisturizes and conditions your hair. 

Please Note: This product will not make straight hair Curly.

How to use it?

  • You can use the Curl Cream after shampooing and conditioning. Apply the curl defining cream in sections on vet hair. 
  • Now, scrunch your hair upwards to give them more definition.
  • Dry them off
  • Once you’re done drying your hair, gently scrunch them again to soften the cast