The Hair Factory 360 Lace Wig (Color 1b)

Beauty is said to be instant when it comes to showcasing your glory. This wig uniquely-designed wig represents a glorious selection of high-quality human hair wigs. We at the Hair Factory use the finest hair keeping your needs and hygiene in mind! The cap of the wig is designed to fit comfortably over your hair without causing any itching or discomfort to your natural hair or even the scalp.

Why buy The Hair Factory 360 Lace Wig?

The top area of this super-lacy wig is hand-tied and comes with additional delicate lace-lining. It is designed to ensure that you have that silky-smooth touch that you have been looking for. In case you are purchasing a wig from us due to complete hair loss, then there are several other advantages of having this wig. 

This is a uniquely designed product that has a natural hairline that creates that undetectable finish. You style it your way to give that additional personal touch to enhance your personality.