The Hair Factory 13*4 Frontal Wig- Blonde

The layers of luxury are our crown jewel. It comes with the highest quality available to provide you with the perfect look and feel. The crown area of the wig is hand-tied, with additional care and net-lining. It is to ensure that you will have that silky smooth feel on your skin, which is an important consideration in case you are purchasing a wig due to hair loss. 

Why buy The Hair Factory Frontal Wig- Blonde?

This full lace wig offers the most natural appearance from every angle. The features handwoven hair fiber in a poly-silk mesh base at either the front of the wig that creates an undetectable and natural hairline. 

This is a uniquely designed product that has a natural hairline that creates that undetectable finish. You style it your way to give that additional personal touch to enhance your personality.